Launch of the first BIM Room

At the Swiss BIM Congress 2017 from 26 to 27 October 2017, Alpiq InTec will be presenting the first BIM Room – the innovative solution for ICE sessions at BIM construction sites.

Everyone is talking about building information modelling, or «BIM» for short. It refers to a construction planning method involving generation and management of digital, virtual representations that include the physical and functional properties of a structure. Ideally, the planning team holds their coordination meetings on site. These so-called «ICE sessions» (model-based, transdisciplinary coordination workshops in the planning team) require appropriate information and communication infrastructures at the construction site.

Developing a BIM Room

Alpiq InTec developed the BIM Room with this scenario in mind. This new workspace is perfect for supporting collaboration on BIM projects right where the action is: at the construction site. In this working environment created especially for BIM projects, you can hold quick decision-making meetings with simultaneous access to all the necessary ICT infrastructures (both collaboration tools and connectivity). In designing the BIM Room, Alpiq InTec can once again draw on its multitec expertise: from electrical engineering and heating/ventilation to ICT installations, Security & Automation and even the solar panels on the roof – Alpiq InTec plans and installs it all.


Areas such as

  • integrated planning,
  • interference checks,
  • timing and simulation,
  • logistics and prefabrication, including the option of ordering by model straight from the supplier, and
  • as-built models as key elements of future building management

are simplified or made possible in the first place by the BIM methodology. The Alpiq InTec BIM Room enables exchange of this kind of information, and the infrastructure provided in the room helps you work efficiently using the BIM method.


The BIM Room is furnished with high tables and Cisco Spark Boards to put the focus on flexibility and agile work. It supports working on the model as collaboratively as possible: flexibly, simply and intelligently.

Lighting and access to the room can be controlled using an app. The Cisco Spark Boards are easy to use and offer communication based on the latest technology standards. The room helps the BIM team collaborate on all aspects of the project.


Cisco Spark Boards facilitate communication in the room with the following features to simplify exchange within a BIM project:

  • Holding video conferences
  • Team environment for discussions, sharing files and general connectivity; searching and access from any standard device
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Virtual workspace for exchanging data

The BIM Room features a powerful network infrastructure that ensures high connectivity and availability in the BIM Room, and can be extended at the construction site upon request. Our comprehensive Managed Connectivity Service package always keeps the ICT infrastructure up to date and prevents system downtime. The rental fee includes technical assistance during commissioning, as well as support services straight from Alpiq InTec’s ICT Services department.

For rent or sale

The BIM Room is available for rent or sale. It is designed according to the client’s requirements and can be branded with the client logo. The rental fee includes technical assistance during commissioning, as well as support services from Alpiq InTec’s ICT Services department. For details please contact us at